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MBF Cards MasterCard/Visa Platinum

It’s time to live it up with MBF Cards MasterCard Platinum and MBF Cards Visa Platinum – your companion for the finest moments. For life. With special privileges every day of the week, you can now enjoy life to the fullest… whenever you want, doing whatever you desire, wherever you are.

Membership Rewards
BonusLink Reward Programme

Get Rewarded with BonusLink Points every time you use your MBF Cards Platinum MasterCard/Visa.

Every RM10 you charge to your card earns you 3 BonusLink Points.

Plus, enjoy 2x BonusLink Points for every transaction made abroad with your MBF Cards Platinum MasterCard/Visa.

Furthermore, as MBF Cards CardMembers you will get to collect TWO sets of points from each transaction. One set from MBF Cards, another set from other BonusLink participating outlets.

You can also use your BonusLink Points to offset your MBF card Annual Membership Fee.

Please note that cash advances, transactions at petrol station, bill payments to government bodies are not accorded with BonusLink Points.

0% Easy Payment Plan
EasyPay 36
EasyPay for Overseas